Year 4



2018 Year 4 Classes

The Dingoes - Mrs Bianca Els

The Black Cockatoos - Mr Luke Byrne


We look forward to an exciting year in which we will be able to celebrate the many learning achievements of our students. Our classrooms provide a supportive and safe learning environment in which students have regular access to the latest technology in the way of computers, iPads and Smartboards to assist with learning. Students are encouraged to utilise these great resources as they become 21st century learners. We work collaboratively to provide quality teaching and learning programs that focus on the development of the whole child. Students are continually being encouraged to develop their organisational skills, resilience and independence. They are being encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, by setting goals and striving to improve in these targeted areas.


In Our Classroom:


Combinations of whole class, small group, partner and individual work enable students to be supported as they develop strategies and skills to read, view, comprehend, compose, edit and present a wide range of texts. In a variety of activities, students are encouraged to think imaginatively, creatively and interpretively and reflect on their own learning.



Students are given opportunities to build their knowledge and skills in the areas of Mathematics through engaging, hands on, fun and relevant learning experiences. We look at Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability and Working Mathematically.

Students are further challenged through problem solving activities in which they are integrating their skills and strategies from a variety of areas to solve problems.



In History the units of work for Stage 2 include "First Contacts" and "Community and Remembrance". In Term 2 we will be examining the impact of exploration on other societies, how these societies interacted with the newcomers, and how these experiences contributed to their cultural diversity.



In Science students are building Science Enquiry Skills through the study of a number of units, such as "HOT, HOT, HOT", "Surviving the Extreme" "Living World", and "Built Environments".  In each of these units students will engage in hands on, relevant learning experiences as they investigate their questions and predictions by analysing collected data, suggesting explanations for their findings, and communicating and reflecting on the processes undertaken.



Units studied this year are "Places are Similar and Different" and "The Earth's Environment". Students will be comparing climate and lifestyle of places in Australia and close to Australia.


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education:

In PD/H/PE students are participating in lessons which focus on healthy life choices, interpersonal relationships, safe living and active lifestyles. They participate in PE each Monday and Sport each Friday. Students in Stage 2 have the opportunity to be involved in PSSA (Soccer or Netball).  


Creative and Practical Arts:

Students are given opportunities to express their creativity and to build their knowledge and skills in Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama through a variety of learning experiences.

In Stage 2 students have the opportunity to be part of the School Band, Choir and Dance Group.



In the classroom, we foster a love of reading by introducing students to variety of authors and texts. Students are encouraged to read every day at home as part of their homework.

Access to Reading Eggs and Maths Online is available to students to do at home.

Talking and Listening topics are set weekly.

Students are given research style projects to be completed at home and presented in class+2+


Year 4 is the second and final year of Learning Stage 2.

Getting involved

There are great opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities. These include competitions, exhibitions, sport, performances and special events. Student leadership programs provide many activities that broaden your child's experience at school.

Opportunity classes

An opportunity class placement Test is open to all Year 4 students to assess eligibility for opportunity class places. Opportunity classes are available for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6 at some schools. If you would like your child to sit this test, please ask us for an application package available from May. The test is held between late July and early August.