Year 2

2018 Year 2 Classes

The Emus - Mrs Rebecca Eastgate (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)

The Emus - Mrs Eliza Mealing (Thursday/Friday)

The Wombats - Mrs Inta Wasowski


We look forward to an exciting year in which we will be able to celebrate the many learning achievements of our students. Our classroom provides a supportive and safe learning environment and we are shaping up to be a caring, conscientious and cooperative learning team.  

Our student centred literacy and numeracy programs continue each term and build on students prior knowledge and skills. We are exceptionally fortunate to have the latest technology in our classrooms. Our students have regular access to iPads, smartboards and great resources including Reading Eggs.


In Our Classroom:


 Students work in groups on student centred, hands on and interactive experiences based on literary texts, to ensure that students are access the curriculum and enhance their knowledge and skills in Speaking and Listening, Writing and Representing, Reading and Viewing, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Reflecting and Thinking imaginatively and creatively.



Through engaging, fun and relevant learning experiences students are building knowledge and skills in all areas of the Mathematics syllabus. We look at Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability and Working Mathematically.


History , Geography and Science:

Students further explore the world around them in Stage 1 by participating in units of work about the environment, living things, how the past is found in the present, the material world, the physical world and how our community is structured. 


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education:

Our programs for PDHPE include a range of aspects of physical health, fitness and awareness about the human body and its needs. Stage 1 students participate in sport once a week and physical education games and activities once a week.



Students in Stage 1 are expected to read each night.  As we are fostering a love of books, students are able to read a book from home or their home reader. This is to be recorded in their home reading record book. In addition to this, students will be asked to complete a range of activities to help them read and write their sight words. Students are also given the option to access their Reading Eggs and Maths Online to complete set activities.

Your child is in the final year of Learning Stage 1.

Students in Year 2 build on their basic reading, writing and maths skills through a variety of activities.

Information in English and community languages:
Parents. guide to the NSW primary syllabus