Composite Classes

2018 Composite Classes

Year 1/2 - Mrs Rebecca Eastgate and Mrs Eliza Mealing - The Wallabies

Year 2/3 - Mrs Inta Wasowski - The Wombats

Year 3/4 - Mrs Bianca Els - The Dingoes

Year 4/5 - Mr Luke Byrne - The Black Cockatoos

Year 5/6 - Mrs Rebecca Slade - The Powerful Owls

Please take some time to read this discussion paper on composite classes.  As a school where enrolments are capped at 200, there will always be a time where composite classes will be formed.  This is not a negative, indeed it is a positive for students if the class is created and staffed appropriately.  

Discussion Paper (pdf, 192 KB)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Matt Pinchbeck