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Banish sunburn

Over exposure to UV radiation from the sun in childhood or adolescence increases the risk of developing melanoma later in life. Teach your child how to apply sunscreen properly, and they'll be able to protect themselves even when you're not around. When the number hits 3, protect from UV. Check the daily UV alert in your local newspaper or at A UV level of 1 or 2 will not damage most skin types, but a UV level of 3 or above can be harmful even on a cloudy day. Apply early. Sunscreen needs to be applied 20... Read more

How to get your child reading this summer!

Children who thrive in school tend to have one thing in common – they enjoy reading. It doesn't really matter what your child chooses to read, the important thing for primary-school kids is to encourage them to develop the habit of reading a little each day. With summer school holidays just around the corner, now is a good time to stock up on books from your local library that might interest your child. Series books are a great place to start. Reluctant readers and children who struggle with comprehension can find series books easier to enjoy,... Read more

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What parents should know about Instagram

It's hard to keep up with all the social media platforms and apps our kids want to use. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks for school-aged children at the moment. It's a free, photo and video sharing mobile application and social network for people aged 13 years and over. There's no age-verification process though, so younger children can create an account pretty easily, sometimes without parents even knowing. Instagram say they'll remove under-age users' accounts if they are reported. Instagram has just published... Read more

Grandparents Day

Grandparents experience 21st Century Learning

K-2 students at MKPS welcomed thier Grandparents and Great Grandparents into our classrooms to celebrate Grandparents Day. The morning began with an assembly where some students entertained us with pieces of writing about their grandparents. We then went into classrooms where the students showed thier grandparents the fun and exciting things that happen at school. It was nice to hear the students sharing skills and knowledge they have acquired with their loved ones. We enjoyed a morning tea together in the playground, with some soccer and... Read more

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Year 6

Teachers Dominate in Softball Match

Today Year 6 challenged the Staff to a Softball match. The sun was shining and half the school was chanting "Let's go Year 6, Let's go" and the other half were chanting "Teachers". The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as Year 6 and the Teachers took to the Softball pitch. Year 6 came out with their game faces on and started strong. They smashed home runs and one after another the Year 6's came flying across home base. However, the tables turned in the second innings when the Teachers, supported by Year 5 began to dominate. With precise... Read more


2014 Arts North Primary Choral Concert – Sydney Opera House

Last night, Thursday 18th September, the MKPS choir joined many other schools from within our region, to perform in a mass choir at the Sydney Opera House. The choir performed 8 songs in total, which they had been learning and rehearsing throughout the year. Although it was an exhausting day of rehearsals and a long night of performing, it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to experience performing choral music in such an exquisite venue. I was very proud of our small choir, who represented our school with pride.... Read more

Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy me hearties!!!!!! We registered our K-2 crew in support of the annual 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'. This fun and exciting day is dedicated to raising awareness of the impact childhood cancer has on families while raising vital funds for a great cause. Today at MKPS whilst enjoying a Pirate themed day of treasure hunts, hat making, art, sports and a special fish and chip lunch we raised $137. We all had so much fun and 'Walk the plank' has become the saying of the day. Thankyou to Jim and Harry's Fish and Chips at Mt Colah for our delicious... Read more

When older kids struggle with reading

When older kids struggle to read and write, the issue can become fraught for the whole family. Parents can lose their patience and blame the child or themselves and the child loses their confidence and begins shying away from reading at all. Grades fall and interest in school can flag. Kids who struggle to read often try to hide it from teachers and parents, and develop unhelpful strategies, which only exacerbate the problems. Ways to encourage effective reading in older children Ask your child what subjects they would like to read about.... Read more

Footy Day Fundraiser

Footy Colours Day Fundraiser

Today our dynamic community has once again come together in support of a former Mount Kuring-gai student as he battles Ewing Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive bone cancer. He is currently undergoing treatment and has intense surgery ahead. Thankyou to everyone for their generosity and supporting today. We have raised close to $300 for Rhys and his family. This shows just how supportive, caring and exceptional the MKPS school community really is.... Read more

SASS Staff

SASS Recognition Week

This week we recognise the outstanding and exceptional School and Support Staff that we have at MKPS. These people go above and beyond to suport staff, students and community members. This year the theme for SASS Recognition Week is 'Stepping up to the challenge' as the changing Education system sees many challenges that need to be addressed. At MKPS we are blessed with the support of seven dynamic support staff members that are always willing to go the extra step and solve daily challenges. We are thankful for their support and acknowledge... Read more

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Count Us In

Music: Count Us In

This year MKPS is once again participating in ‘Music: Count Us In'. This is a nation wide event which aims to encourage music education in schools. "Decades of research shows that learning music can help students' self-confidence, self-discipline and team work. It can help students engage in school, can improve school attendance and can even help students make healthy life choices. There are also strong links between music learning and academic skills in literacy and numeracy. Research shows that music is unique in its flow-on benefits to... Read more


Achievements at MKPS

This week we celebrated Education Week, Literacy and Numeracy Week and Book Week. We had an entertaining Book Parade and assembly on Tuesday. On Wednesday we acknowledged the outstanding talent at our school with the presentation of Zone ribbons, Zone age and runner up champions, ICAS successes and participation, Creative Writing participation, particpation certificates for our exceptional choir and dance groups and Spelling Bee champions and runner ups. These highlight the various dynamic programs that are offered to students at MKPS.... Read more

Book Parade

Book Parade 2014

Today we celebrated Book Week, Education Week and Literacy and Numeracy Week all in one!! We were "blessed" with rain, however, that did not dampen our spirit. We heard from our talented Choir who demonstrated just how many new things they have learnt from MIss Harvey. We were entertained with book reviews about books we had read that were recognised by the Children's Book Council of Australia and a classy parade of the spectacular costumes we were wearing. Finally we heard from our talented Poets. Thankyou to our wonderful and supportive... Read more

Athletics Carnival

MKPS Athletics Carnival Event Places

Congratulations to all our talented students that participated in the Athletics Carnival and earned your house points. Students that placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive their ribbons in upcoming assemblies. Students that competed in the 5,6,7 and 8 years age groups will recieve their ribbons on Wednesday 6th August and students that competed in the 9,10,11 and 12 years age groups will recieve their ribbons on Wednesday 13th August. At the assembly on the 13th August the winning house will also be announced and presented with the trophy. Event... Read more

Nurturing the artist in your child

Your child may not go on to become a famous musician, actor, dancer, filmmaker or artist. But by nurturing the artist in your child you can help them grow up able to think for themselves, problem solve and work out different ways to do things. They'll also be better able to see different points of view, communicate and express their feelings in different ways. Here are some top tips: Stimulate your child's senses - Provide opportunities for your child to experience different sights, smells, sensations and sounds. These sensory activities are... Read more

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Building your child's reading skills

Here are some simple tips to encourage your child to become a strong reader and a book lover for the rest of their lives. Share a book at home Children love to hear a story read aloud. Try reading with different voices, lots of emotion, invented sound effects and funny faces. Change the tone in your voice and vary its loudness or softness. Have fun and enjoy it. It's a good idea to practise reading before sharing a book. Listen to your child talk about the story and the pictures. Try asking your child which parts of the books they found... Read more

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Too sick to go to school?

Sometimes it's hard to know if your child is really coming down with something or just suffering a bout of Mondayitis. For safety's sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice. However, if they miraculously recover by 11:00am, ready to race around the backyard, keeping them in bed all day may send the message that staying home isn't nearly as much fun as going to school. The School A to Z website's Too Sick For School? chart will help answer your questions about common childhood illness... Read more

Gruffalo recount

Kindergarten go to the deep dark wood......

On Wednesday 11th June, Kindergarten braved the deep dark wood at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta when they went to see a live performance based on the book, "The Gruffalo". The performance was interactive and quite humorous and the students thoroughly enjoyed being part of an active audience. Below are some recounts of the day....... Read more

Help support MKPS sports star

SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ATHLETIC HERO ALYSHA BURNETT Alysha was a student at Mt Kuring-Gai School up until 2008 and now attends Asquith Girls High. Last year at aged 16 Alysha placed 5th at the World Youth Athletic Championships, in the Ukraine, she was also crowned 2013's Hornsby Advocates Junior Sports Star, and then in March this year Alysha placed 1st in the Long Jump at the NSW Opens Athletic Championships with a jump of 6.34m, a Commonwealth Games B Qualifier. On Monday the 23rd of Junestudents are invited to come to school in their... Read more

Year 6 elephants

National Simultaneous Story Time

National Simultaneous Storytime is an important annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books. Now in its 14th successful year it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy using an Australian children's book that explores age appropriate themes. This year we read the book "Too Many Elephants in this House" by Ursula Dubosarsky. We all loved the story and created artworks based on elephants that are displayed in our classrooms.... Read more

PJ Day

MKPS go pyjamas

On Tuesday 3rd June teachers and students came together in various styles of pyjamas to raise money for " Doctors with no borders". On this day students purchased hot chocolates and enjoyed a comfy day of learning. It was a successful day and students were more than happy to pose and model their stylish pj's.... Read more

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Sorting fact from fiction

You can't always trust what you read when researching information for homework, assignments or projects. Here are ways your child can tell a good website - or any document - from a bad one. Reader beware With so much information on the web and no-one responsible for fact checking, students need to look out for: bias and hidden agendas factual errors outdated information information which is country specific commercially motivated information. Play the detective Colleen Foley is a curriculum adviser who helps school librarians with the NSW... Read more

Soccer Stars

MKPS Soccer Stars

CONGRATULATIONS to Isabel and Oliver who have been selected in the boys and girls Sydney North soccer teams. Students from across the Northern Region including the area from the Harbour to Parramatta and Swansea participated in the selection trials. Oliver and Izzy made it through two rigorous rounds of training and matches to make the final cut. They will be participating in the State Carnival in the coming weeks. What a fantastic achievement! We wish them both the very best of luck.... Read more

MKPS Dance Group 2014

Dance Group makes Sydney North Schools Dance Festival

Dance Group makes Sydney North Schools Dance Festival On Monday 5thMay Miss Harvey and the MKPS Dance group auditioned at Hornsby North PS and were successful in gaining a position in the Sydney North Schools Dance Festival. We are extremely proud of their hard work and would like to thank Miss Harvey for all her choreography and time spent rehearsing with these students. CONGRATULATIONS!... Read more

Social media, kids and privacy

Regardless of your child's age, the world may already know a lot more about them than you suspect. According to recent research: 92% of children under the age of two have a digital presence (it starts with proud parents posting newborn baby photos on Facebook or Instagram) a quarter of Australian children aged between eight and 12 use Facebook, despite the minimum age for a user being 13 more than 20 per cent of tweens publish photos of themselves on the photo-sharing website Instagram young people between the ages of 14 and 19 have an... Read more

What parents need to know about Kik

It seems that every few months a new social media platform or mobile app emerges and becomes popular with young people in our school community. Suddenly "everyone" is on it, according to our children. It's hard for most adults to keep up. Many parents will have recently heard about Kik Messenger and are wondering if it's safe for children. Here are some facts from the School A to Z website's technology guide: What is Kik Messenger? Kik Messenger is a free texting app available on iPhone, iPad, Ipod touch, Android, Windows, Samsung Galaxy and... Read more

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The benefits of team sports

Winter sports are getting underway and many parents will soon be getting out of bed early on cold weekend mornings to transport their children to sports fields across town. The good news is that even if your child's team never scores goal, they're benefitting significantly from simply being active and involved. The long list of benefits for your child includes the development of: cooperation and teamwork skills leadership skills respect for teammates, opponents and officials a sense of belonging and team membership social interaction skills... Read more

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Meeting your child’s teacher

Meeting teachers to discuss your child's progress or behaviour can be daunting, but there's no need to feel anxious. Remember, you and the school are partners in your child's learning. Whether it's regular parent -teacher interviews or a one-off request for a chat, these useful tips will help you get the most out of your meeting. Do your homework Take a few minutes before your meeting to jot down any questions or comments you have. Go with the right attitude Try to approach the interview with a positive and relaxed attitude. Don't be afraid to... Read more

The most important skill to teach your child

One common trait all successful adults have is resilience. The ability to bounce back from disappointment is something we have the opportunity to teach our children every day. As our kids constantly remind us, life isn't always fair. Is it a parent's role to constantly try to make life fair? How do we balance the desire to shelter and protect our children with the need to teach them how to cope with life's disappointments? The School A to Z website asked top teachers all over NSW for their tips for parents on developing resilience so children... Read more

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Help with your child's homework in one click

The School A to Z app has been created by the NSW Department of Education to help parents and their school-aged children, wherever and whenever they have homework and study questions. It's available free for Android and Apple mobile devices, and is an essential tool containing: English A to Z - more than 350 definitions of commonly used English terms from primary and high school. Each word has an easy-to-understand definition based on the current school curriculum, with illustrations and help sheets explaining the rules of grammar. Maths A to... Read more

Help your child plan for success this year

One of the most valuable ways you can support your child's education is to help them learn how to organise themselves and plan their time. It starts as early as Kindergarten, when they need to plan going to the toilet at lunch and recess and bring things to school for different activities on certain days. By the time they're in Year 6, they've hopefully taken on much of the responsibility of scheduling their afternoons to accommodate sports, homework and other obligations. Most children find planning easier to understand when... Read more

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Summer Break Contact and Enquiries

Any enrolment or other enquiries please email: Kind Regards, Glenn O'Neill.... Read more