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Last updated 3:06 PM on 29 August 2014

                                                           Count Us In


This year MKPS is once again participating in ‘Music: Count Us In'. This is a nation wide event which aims to encourage music education in schools.

"Decades of research shows that learning music can help students' self-confidence, self-discipline and team work. It can help students engage in school, can improve school attendance and can even help students make healthy life choices. There are also strong links between music learning and academic skills in literacy and numeracy. Research shows that music is unique in its flow-on benefits to students who learn it" (MCUI, 2014).

On October 30that 12:30pm, this event will see more than 500,000 students from over 2,100 schools singing the same song on the same day at the same time right across the country. This year's song is called "Paint You a Song". It was written and composed by five selected students from around Australia, their mentor, Harry James Angus, and Program Ambassador, John Foreman.

Each class is learning the song, with students in years 3-6 participating in music lessons that focus on the song and various aspects of music. For example: melodies, harmonies, ostinatos, rhythms and song structure. 


Students are extremely excited and are eager to learn this catchy song. Please click on the link below and it will take you directly to the song on youtube.

Paint You A Song



                      Count Us In     Count Us In



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