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Last updated 2:32 PM on 13 August 2015
As part of our Literacy program, 2R have been reading The Rainbirds by David Metzenthen and Sally Rippin. It tells the story of a boy named Gleeson who waits patiently for the rainbirds to leave their stormy alpine home and fly down to seek shelter in the city for the winter. Gleeson loves watching the rainbirds as they swoop and fly through the park near his home.

In response to this text, the children in 2R set up a Bird-Watching Post in the classroom, that overlooked the sky and bushland behind our school. Throughout the week we were able to keep an eye out for birds that live in our local community.
bird watching
Using recording sheets, we were able to identify, illustrate and write about these amazing birds and what we observed.
bird watching 2
We saw a wide range of birds, from magpies and miners to cockatoos and kookaburras. We even got to see two beautiful king parrots right outside our classroom! We couldn't wait to write all about these two birds.
Through many observations and continual discussions on the birds we saw, students were able to build on their understanding of our local environment and the birds that inhabit it. It was wonderful to see the children adopting Gleeson's wonder and excitement as they spotted an unusual bird. We were also able to write descriptions about some of the birds that we have seen around us, using a range of descriptive language borrowed from the story.

Here are some of the many birds we saw this week!








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