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Last updated 10:17 PM on 9 October 2015

Week 8 News

KE have had a very busy week this week.

Monday saw a visit from the Miniroos (Soccer Program). This program focuses on helping children build their soccer skills. KE thoroughly enjoyed playing different ‘soccer focused' games and the Miniroos staff were extremely impressed with the students' enthusiasm and eagerness to participate. We had a great time!


On Tuesday, Kindergarten enjoyed a very exciting excursion to Wannabees Family Play Town. Wannabees is a unique Indoor Theme Park where children can play ‘grown ups'. The child size city features fire and police stations, a hospital, post office, restaurant, gym, TV studio, radio station and many more iconic buildings in a real functioning city. Students were given the opportunity to role play and learn about social interaction, the value of money, and what people do when they "go to work". Kindergarten had such a fun time and all the teachers were very proud of their beautiful manners and behaviour throughout the day.


The rest of the week for KE saw a continuation of our normal class activities as well as some exciting activities for Father's Day – students made some fantastic Father's Day crafts/cards that they were very excited to give to their dads.




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