Gifted and Talented

Being a small school we have the ability to design and implement quality Individual Extension Plans (IEP's) for students identified as having exceptional talent in the academics or performing arts.

Mount Kuring-gai specialises in Personalised Learning Plans (PLP) in the academics. Our school has a dedicated Learning Support Team, which is designed to work with the student and parents to extend and challenge targeted students. Our school regularly has students successfully gaining entry into our local selective high schools.

We have a targeted dance group,  tutored by a highly trained dance teacher. This troupe will be performing in Regional and State competitions.

Our school choir is recognised as a leader in the Region and is tutored by outstanding and dedicated staff members.

Senior students identified has having talent in technology will be developing coding skills in dedicated lessons. These lessons will be conducted by the principal.

At Mount Kuring-gai we believe that all students have the right to be challenged and have their individual needs met.

Our highly trained staff are always available to discuss opportunities to develop a PLP for your child.